FAQ: Tectite sprint removal tool?

Can you remove Tectite Sprint fittings?

NOTE: Tectite Sprint fittings must not be used with male ended fittings or valves from other Tectite ranges (Except T526S). To ensure Tectite Sprint fittings stay clean and free from damage, only remove the fitting from its packaging immediately prior to installation.

Can Tectite fittings be removed?

TECTITE fittings may be removed and re-used with tube ends prepared as described in this installation manual. TECTITE fittings may be closely spaced without affecting joint performance provided tube insertion depth requirements are met.

Are Tectite Sprint demountable?

Tectite Sprint is a non-demountable fitting ideal for fast and efficient heat free jointing. The fitting offers a visually appealing, low profile design which can be easily installed in confined spaces.

Can a SharkBite fitting be removed?

Unlike other fittings, SharkBite brass push-to-connect fittings can be removed and re-used if changes are necessary. To remove the fitting, use a SharkBite Disconnect Clip or Disconnect Tongs. To use the Disconnect Clip, snap it on to the pipe and pull up to the release collar.

How do you remove a stuck Shark bite?

Here are the easy tips for dealing with this:

  1. To get the connector out you must press on the release collar.
  2. If you have the tool and it isn’t coming off.
  3. Try squeezing the tool around the pipe snuggly.
  4. Try rotating the tool around the sleeve.
  5. You can use pliers if you need more force.
  6. You can use your connector again.

Can you reuse copper push fit fittings?

Copper Pushfit

Fittings are completely demountable and can be reused up to 20 times. Suitable for hot and cold drinking water, heating and chilled water systems. Fittings can be recycled at the end of life.

Can push fit be used on copper?

Other pipe and fittings that have been manufactured to BS7291 can be used with Speedfit products. If using other brands of pipe, ensure you use the correct pipe insert for that brand. Speedfit fittings can also be used with copper pipe.

Can you use Tectite fittings on central heating?

– Suitable for use on: Hot and cold potable water; Central heating systems from boiler to radiator; Chilled water services; Hot water re-circulation. – NOT suitable for use on gas applications.

Can Tectite be used on heating?

Manufactured from DZR copper alloy, Tectite is ideal for use on hot and cold water services, in low-temperature hot water and heating.

Can copper push fit be used for central heating?

Push fit fittings and pipes, like copper, can safely withstand heat and pressure so they’re suitable for water and heating systems.

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