Quick Answer: Best sprint spikes?

Best Overall

  1. New Balance Sigma Harmony This unisex New Balance spike is our top choice for the best sprint spike currently available.
  2. Saucony Showdown 5 The Showdown is Saucony’s premier sprint spike.
  3. Nike Zoom Ja Fly 3 This pair of Nike sprint spikes is designed specifically for the 200-meters.
  4. Saucony Spitfire 5 The budget Spitfire 5 is the ideal sprinting spike for an athlete new to sprinting distances.
  5. Nike Zoom Rival S 9 The unisex Zoom Rival S 9 is our second favorite budget sprinting spike. With its synthetic upper, it’s soft yet durable.
  6. BROOKS QW-K v4 The QW-K v4 is Brook’s top sprint spike. This unisex spike is lightweight with an amazing fit and responsiveness.
  7. Nike Zoom 400 Nike’s Zoom 400 is similar to the Ja Fly but it’s a better all-round spike for sprinting. It features a 7-spike design for aggressive traction.
  8. ASICS Hyper Sprint 7 The ASICS Hyper Sprint is one of the few spikes to feature a synthetic leather upper (vs mesh).
  9. PUMA evoSPEED Sprint 10

What type of spikes are best for sprinting?

The Best Sprint & Hurdle Spikes of 2021

Spike Type Our Picks
Best Spike Overall Nike Superfly Elite 2
Best Spike for 60m-100m adidas adizero Prime SP
Best Spike for 200m-400m Nike Zoom 400
Best Sprint Spike For Beginners Nike Zoom Rival S 9

Do sprinting spikes make you faster?

Although spikes can help you run faster, they have their drawbacks. The lightweight shoes aren’t designed for long-term wear, so they need replacing more often than standard running shoes. Practicing in your spikes wears them out faster, so consider using alternate spike / running shoes except on race days.

How long do sprint spikes last?

How long will a pair of spikes last? Most spikes should hold up for at least two to three high school seasons (and they generally feel better the more they get used). Distance runners who compete in both cross-country and track can sometimes use the same spikes for all seasons.

What are the best spikes for 400m?

Best 400m Spikes

  • Adidas Finesse Track Spikes.
  • New Balance Verge V1 Vazee.
  • Nike Superfly Elite Spikes.
  • Saucony Showdown 4.
  • Adidas Adizero Prime Sprint Spikes.
  • ASICS Hyper Sprint 5 Running Spikes.

Should you wear spikes for 800m?

You can wear sprinter spikes in the 800m. Just be aware of the heel spurs and bruising you may develop, due to improper shoes for the event. IF you are going to be doing the 800 as your primary race BUT also going to be focusing on the 400 i would recommend a pair of spikes called the “Saucony Endorphin MD”.

Do sprinters wear socks?

Socks don’t significantly influence sprinter’s performance since many other factors come into play. Many elite athletes avoid wearing socks because they want their feet to fit tightly into spikes.

Do you run faster in cleats?

Cleats are faster cause they produce lot of friction at shoe-surface level allowing athlete to propel with great force. Thus Athlete muscle use + Shoe-surface friction = Increased speed. Cleats. They’re usually lighter and have better grip.

How much do spikes help in the 100m?

Basically, almost everyone benefits from spikes – some more than others, but you can expect around a 3-5% improvement in speed. So around 0.5 seconds.

Should you practice in track spikes?

Whether you are a sprinter, a middle distance runner, or a distance runner, your track spikes are optimized for speed, rather than support or durability. As John suggested, if you are sprinter, you might want to practice starts in spikes to make sure you can execute start mechanics perfectly under race-like conditions.

Should you wear socks with spikes?

As running spikes are a snug fit whether you wear socks or not is up to you. Going sock-free however can increase your chance of blisters so look for a thin technical sock to get the best of both. Always break in a pair of running spikes before competing in them to reduce your risk of injury.

How do you break in spikes?

Breaking Spikes In

It takes time to break in your new track spikes. Don’t wear them straight out of the box in your next race. Instead, wear them several times a week during early-season practices to get used to their feel and function.

How tight should sprint spikes be?

Sprint spikes should fit snuggly without cramping your toes. The spikes should feel tighter than your normal athletic shoes but not so tight that you feel uncomfortable. Make sure you’re trying on sprint spikes and not distance spikes. Try on your spikes with the same socks you’ll wear while racing.

Should you wear spikes for 400m?

A: Many 400m and 800m runners will find themselves at a crossroads between being a sprinter and a middle-distance runner. You will want a pair of spikes that has a fairly aggressive spike plate so that the shoe recoils and propels you forward without compromising flexibility.

What track spikes should I get?

Sprint, jump, and throw spikes should fit like a glove. They will be snug and provide a narrow fit. Mid-distance and distance spikes will have a sightly more relaxed, slipper-like fit. These spikes should offer a contoured, snug fit throughout the midfoot, but with some space for the toes to move.

What Spikes did Usain Bolt wear?

Usain Bolt evoSPEED Electric Spike Shoes: Go for gold and run like the world’s fastest man with the PUMA Bolt evoSPEED Electric sprint spike in the all-new edition.

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