Quick Answer: British triathlon age group results?

How do you qualify for GB in age-group triathlon?

How to Qualify for the GB AgeGroup team?

  1. Step 1: Join your Home Nation Association.
  2. Step 2: Choose a Championship.
  3. Step 3: Register.
  4. Step 4: Submit a race result or enter a qualification race.
  5. Step 5: Selection.
  6. Step 6: Pay.

What are the age categories in triathlon?

These agegroup categories are divided by gender and age and are set apart by five year age bands, from 20-24 upwards to 80+. International agegroup competition starts at age 16 for sprint distances and 18 for standard distance and long distance.

What is the age limit for an Ironman?

Participants must be 18 years old on 16 August 2020 to compete in IRONMAN 70.3 Bintan 2020. Race category is determined by the participant’s age on 31 December 2020.

What is a good sprint triathlon time?

Elite athletes can still hold a sub-six-minute-per-mile pace, but a good effort is anything faster than 8-minute miles so you complete the run in between 22 and 26 minutes.

What age can you start triathlon?

This means our event is open to kids ages 6 to 15. However, it is not quite that simple. USAT does not go by the age of the athlete on race day. Instead, your triathlon age is your age as of 12/31 of the current year.

How old do you have to be to enter a triathlon?

Blair LaHaye, spokesperson for the World Triathlon Corporation confirmed for me that you must be 18 years-old to enter an Ironman Triathlon.

What is an age group athlete?

Canada’s 47,000+ age group athletes are the heart of the Triathlon Canada Nation. “Age Group” is a broad term that refers to recreational or competitive athletes who compete only against their own age category.

Is an Ironman bad for your body?

Although it remains true that people who exercise are generally healthier than those who don’t, a study published this month in Mayo Clinic Proceedings and a study presented last week to the American College of Sports Medicine find excessive training for ultramarathons, Olympic-length triathlons and other endurance

Do Ironman athletes make money?

Incomes are similar in triathlon; Shoemaker guesses the top five-10 percent of professional triathletes make $50,000 to $100,000 annually, with a handful of superstars earning significantly more. Chrissie Wellington and Chris McCormack likely make over $1 million per year.

Can you train for an Ironman in 6 months?

Is 6 months enough time to train for an Ironman? Yes, if you‘re currently capable of running 10-12 miles, cycling for 40-60 miles, and can swim a mile, then you can safely train for an Ironman in 6 months.

What is a decent triathlon time?

Average Finish Times. How long does it take to finish an International Distance Triathlon? The answer, based on our analysis of more than 75 triathlons: about 3 hours, on average. Swim 1.5k in 40 minutes, Bike 40k in an hour and 20 minutes, and Run 10k in one hour.

Can you do a sprint triathlon without training?

Racing a triathlon without training properly is a magnificent way to ensure you hate the day and the sport. Doing the bare minimum is better than not training at all, but this generally means you will just spend the day hanging on for dear life.

Is a sprint triathlon hard?

The Run. Running may be what comes most naturally, but as the last leg in a triathlon, it often feels like the hardest part. Your body is already tired at this point, but if you trained correctly you’ll be able to cross the finish line successfully.

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