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Readers ask: Clumber park cycling?

Can you cycle around Clumber Park?

Getting active and out and about on your bike is the perfect way to experience the diversity of Clumber Park more easily. To ensure safe reopening, bike hire will follow a one-way system, with perspex screens and contactless payment only.

Is Clumber Park free entry?

Clumber Park is open to the public seven days a week. The park can be accessed between 7am and 7pm, with admission charged 9am – 5pm during the summer season and 9am – 4pm throughout winter.

How much does it cost to get into Clumber Park?

Guide Prices

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
1 adult & up to 3 children entry into park £6.00 per person per day
Adult entry into park £4.00 per person per day
Child entry into park £2.00 per person per day
Cycle hire: all day £16.00 per ticket
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Can you cycle around Sherwood Forest?

The whole area around Sherwood Forest is great for cycling, with off-road trails and quieter country roads. For a short route, take Kings Clipstone Route 2 from the Sherwood Forest Visitors website. This leisurely five-and-a-half mile cycle takes in forest and waterside cycling.

Do you have to book to go to Clumber Park?

In line with government guidance, outdoor spaces only at Clumber Park are open for local visitors to access for walks. You will need to book your visit in advance.

Can you hire bikes at Clumber Park?

Cycle hire is available near the visitor centre and this is an excellent way to truly appreciate the beautiful area of Clumber Park. There are several routes that you can take by bike and cyclists can also bring their own and pick up a map from the shop.

Is Clumber Park part of Sherwood Forest?

For over three centuries Clumber Park was the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle. It was also originally part of Sherwood Forest before the Duke enclosed the estate as a hunting park for Queen Anne in 1707.

Why was Clumber Park house demolished?

Another fire, in 1912, caused less damage, but the effects of the First World War and the Great Depression forced the abandonment of the mansion, which, like many other houses during this period, was demolished in 1938, to avoid a tax bill.

How far is the walk around the lake at Clumber Park?

More videos on YouTube

Distance 3½ miles (5.6km)
Total ascent 237 ft (73m)
Level of difficulty Easy
Paths Well defined paths & along the lake
Map OS Explorer OL 270
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Is Sherwood Forest free?

Entry is completely free. Parking costs £4 for non-members, and is chargeable for anything up to a full day, and is free for RSPB members.

Is Clumber Park safe for dogs?

Exploring the 3,800 acres of beautiful natural woodland with your furry companion by your side is one of the best ways to see Clumber Park. Dogs are welcome in all outdoor areas of the park and we even have a dedicated indoor space where your furry friends can relax and take the weight off their paws after a long walk.

How big is the Sherwood Forest?

The forest once covered about 100,000 acres, a big chunk of present-day Nottinghamshire County. Today its core is about 450 acres, with patches spread out through the rest of the county. Experts say urgent action is needed to regenerate the forest and save the rare and endangered ancient oaks at its heart.

How much is it to hire a bike at Sherwood Pines?

Cycle hire charges (we don’t take pre-bookings)

1 hour 3 hours
Adults £10 £24
Child – Height dependent £8 £16

Where in England is Sherwood Forest?

Sherwood Forest is a royal forest in Nottinghamshire, England, famous by its historic association with the legend of Robin Hood. The area has been wooded since the end of the Last Glacial Period (as attested by pollen sampling cores).

What tier is Sherwood Pines in?

A popular Nottinghamshire visitor attraction has closed some of its car parks in Tier 4 – meaning it has 75 percent fewer car parking spaces than normal. Sherwood Pines, which is owned by Forestry England, says it has seen record numbers through 2020 as people visit the beauty spot for fresh air.

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