Readers ask: Sprint booster review?

As one of the hottest products in the market, Sprint Booster is exceedingly getting great reviews. Easy to install and an instant performance accelerator, Sprint Booster will give your car the difference you’re looking for! “When we first heard about the Sprint Booster, we wrote it off as electronic snake oil.

Does Sprint Booster work?

The sprint booster makes no difference to how quickly the engine management receives and interpreters the signal from the accelerator pedal. The engine does not respond faster. It cannot respond faster. The only difference is the engine management thinks the pedal is being pushed further than what it really is.

Which is better pedal commander or Sprint Booster?

For the most part they both do exactly the same thing and although the pedal commander has more adjustments, they really aren’t necessary as the sprint covers more than enough, being able to change is an extra percentage per level is barely if at all noticeable in the majority of cases.

What is a sprint booster?

Sprint Booster is an application-specific hardware based product designed specifically for your car. This device is engineered to improve acceleration on drive by-wire cars by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal providing the ECM (Electronic Control Module) with a new and altered signal.

Does Sprint Booster void warranty?

Sprint Booster V3 doesn’t void the warranty on your car!

No matter you drive a Toyota or Chevy truck, or a BMW or Mercedes sports car, you’ll never have an issue with your warranty when a Sprint Booster is installed. If you’re still worried, it’s easy to disconnect the Sprint Booster from the pedal of your car.

Is a throttle controller worth it?

For those towing, throttle controllers can be quite useful when you drive off as they will get the vehicle up to speed more easily so you’ll be using less fuel and less motor strain. Then the good thing about some of these higher quality throttle controllers is that you can pick the settings based on your driving mode.

Are throttle controllers bad for your car?

Potent booster electronic throttle controller is also called accelerator. It usually has output values that are within the approved engine power. It won’t do any harm to the car.

Does pedal commander increase mpg?

After installing Pedal Commander and running in ECO mode, I saw my gas mileage increase from 12-13mpg all the way up to 16-17mpg. City mode is perfect for this application; it eliminates that throttle delay and gives you an amplified version of the stock response without killing your gas mileage.

Does pedal commander add horsepower?

Pedal Commander doesnt increase horsepower or torque. It speeds up the signal from the gas pedal to the ECU, which allows your car to access all of the vehicle’s existing power sooner, which gives you faster acceleration.

Does pedal Commander improve 0 60?

While the Pedal Commander doesn’t increase the horsepower of the vehicle, it allows for faster access to horsepower. This faster access results in faster acceleration and lower 0-60 times. The Pedal Commander is available for any vehicle with an electronic throttle.

What does a throttle booster do?

This small electronic unit decreases the occasional throttle lag you feel when you depress the accelerator pedal by increasing the throttle sensitivity and responsiveness. The Amp’d Throttle Booster allows you to increase the throttle sensitivity by slightly raising the voltage.

Does Sprint offer a signal booster?

The new device requires no set-up or in-home broadband and will boost 4G LTE coverage indoors and in the surrounding area for Sprint customers. Sprint’s Magic Box 4G LTE signal booster is designed to improve service indoors.

What does a throttle enhancer do?

The Solution To Slow Response Times

Built to decrease response time, and increase your car’s acceleration speed, a throttle response enhancer will give any drive-by-wire car a noticeable improvement in response time.

Will a throttle controller void warranty?

The EVC Throttle Controller does not infringe on Factory ECU mappings, so is very unlikely to cause any issue. Remapping whilst effective, relies heavily on the providers skill set. There have been issues too, with remapping voiding engine warranties even when they may or may not have caused an engine related issue.

Does the pedal commander void warranty?

Pedal Commander will not void your vehicle’s warranty, and it does not flag your ECU so it is completely undetectable by dealerships. Just make sure the unit is off before you go in for any warranty work.

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