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Readers ask: Hampton court half marathon route?

Is the Hampton Court Half Marathon still on?

The OFFICIAL Half Marathon at Hampton Court Palace, Sunday 19th September 2021.

What Tube line is Hampton Court on?

The Hampton Court branch line is a short branch line off the South Western main line. It has a through station at Thames Ditton and a terminus at Hampton Court, both currently in Transport for London’s Zone 6.

Hampton Court branch line
The line at Thames Ditton station
Status Operational
Owner Network Rail

Is Hampton Court worth visiting?

So, if you’re planning your trip to London, I hope you’ll consider visiting Hampton Court Palace – it really is worth a visit. Even if it means ditching Buckingham Palace. It is a great morning or afternoon trip and will please most people, be they a foodie, a history buff, or an appreciator of gardens/architecture.

How long do you need at Hampton Court?

A minimum stay would be 3 hours, but to take in all the palace plan on maybe twice as long. We went there on our own, so weren’t part of a tour. It’s an individual choice, but we found it quite easy to take the Tube to Paddington Station, then get the train to Hampton Court.

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Does anyone still live at Hampton Court Palace?

Along with St James’ Palace, it is one of only two surviving palaces out of the many the king owned. The palace is currently in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown.

Hampton Court Palace
Current tenants Historic Royal Palaces
Owner Queen Elizabeth II in right of the Crown

How long is the boat trip from Westminster to Hampton Court?

The river trip from Westminster to Hampton Court is unique. At 35 kilometres (22 miles) one-way, it is the longest regular scheduled boat service available from London.

How much is the entrance fee to Hampton Court?

Please scroll down the page to book tickets from 31 March onwards.

Type No donation With donation
Members entry to all 6 palaces & magic garden from £55 per year Free Free
Adult age 18-64 £8.00 £8.80
Child age 5-15 (under 5’s go free) £6.00 £6.80
Concessions age 65+, 16-17, full-time student £7.10 £7.90

Can you stay overnight at Hampton Court?

Your Overnight Stay

Extend your celebrations with a memorable stay overnight in the castle with all your loved ones. Our 24 luxurious bedrooms are exclusively yours and have each been beautifully restored to have their own unique feel.

How much is Buckingham Palace worth?

The online estate agents valuation experts state the Palace is the most expensive ministerial mansion. The website has ranked the homes of 20 world leader residences and Buckingham Palace was found to be the most expensive property. The valuation experts estimate the Palace is worth a whopping £4.9billion.

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Do you have to pay to go to Hampton Court gardens?

A Hampton Court Palace admission ticket is required to access our gardens. Please check opening times and upcoming closures before your visit. Hampton Court Palace’s world-famous gardens include 60 acres of spectacular formal gardens and 750 acres (304 hectares) of parkland, all set within a loop of the River Thames.

Can you walk around Hampton Court for free?

Beautiful gardens are free to visit.

Can you get to Hampton Court by tube?

There is no London Underground station at Hampton Court. The nearest Underground stations are in Wimbledon and Richmond, where connecting bus routes are available.

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