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At The London 2012 Olympics, Who Won The Triathlon Gold Medal In Front A Huge Crowd In Hyde Park? (Correct answer)

The men’s race was held on 7 August 2012. A group of six finished the 1,500-metre (1,600 yd) swim leg in a lead group. A large lead group of athletes were together at the end of the cycling leg but Alistair Brownlee broke away on the run to win the gold medal with Javier Gómez in second and Jonathan Brownlee in third.

Where did they swim for the London Triathlon?

All competitors will swim in the Royal Victoria Dock and run around the London Docklands, cheered on by the 30,000 strong crowd. The bike route varies depending on the distance, day and category you choose. The infamous Olympic distance events on the Sunday have a bike route like no other!

What is the world record for Olympic triathlon?

JAN FRODENO The 39-year-old German triathlete is the current world record holder with a staggering time of 7:35:39 for the full-distance triathlon. He’s also reigning Kona champion and 2008 Olympic gold medallist.

How does triathlon relay work?

How does the triathlon relay work? One person does the swim, one person does the bike leg and one person does the run. You can do a relay with two people so one person can do two of the legs. Or you can do a relay with a three-person team and each person will do one part of the race.

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Who won London Triathlon 2021?

Hayden Wilde wins Super League Triathlon London 2021. Luis started the pursuit just a second clear of Brownlee, with Wilde eight seconds off the pace.

When was the first London triathlon?

The first triathlon event was held on September 25, 1974. Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone are pioneers in the history of the triathlon.

Who won Women’s triathlon 2021?

In a sport where transitions are everything, Flora Duffy is the best of the best. Duffy, 33, one of two athletes representing Bermuda, took home gold in the women’s triathlon event, completing the 1,500-meter swim, 40-kilometer bike ride and 10-kilometer run in 1 hour 55 minutes 36 seconds.

Who won the 2020 women’s triathlon?

The women’s triathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics took place at the Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo on 27 July 2021. The race was won by Flora Duffy, who became Bermuda’s first Olympic gold medalist.

What is the women’s Olympic triathlon record?

Women. The women’s record may be 1:58:27 by Emma Snowsill at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a swim of 19:51, bike of 1:04:20, and run of 33:17. More recently at the 2019 WTS Yokohama race, Katie Zaferes raced a 1:52:12 with a 18:46 swim, 58:06 bike, and 34:07 run.

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