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How Did Gwen Jorgensen Start Triathlon? (TOP 5 Tips)

She earned a master’s degree in accounting, and went on to work for Ernst Young in Milwaukee as a tax accountant. Soon after graduating and beginning her new job, USA Triathlon reached out and encouraged Jorgensen to enter the sport of triathlon.

When did Gwen Jorgensen start triathlon?

In her first competitive triathlon, earned elite card with an eighth-place finish (second amateur) at USAT’s Elite Development Race in March 2010 in Clermont, Fla. Standout in both swimming and track at Waukesha South High School.

How did Gwen Jorgensen do at the Olympic Trials?

Yesterday Jorgensen competed in the final of the women’s 5,000 m, finishing ninth in 15:50.62. Two of her Bowerman Track Club teammates, Elise Cranny (15:27.81) and Karissa Schweizer (15:28.11), ended up first and second in the race.

Why did Gwen Jorgensen quit triathlon?

The 2016 Olympic triathlon gold medalist explained that a mix of career and family goals led to the decision. After four years with the Bowerman Track Club, Gwen Jorgensen has announced she is leaving the group to be coached by Bobby McGee, and returning to the marathon.

Who is Gwen Jorgensen married to?

HIGHLIGHTS FROM RIO: Gwen Jorgensen gave the United States its first Olympic gold medal in the sport. It was an incredible performance from Jorgensen, who finished 38th at the 2012 London Olympics. The British brothers Brownlee — Alistair and Jonathan — took gold and silver in the men’s race.

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How tall is Gwen Jorgensen?

I have a big lunch— rice, red meat, a bunch of vegetables and some sort of sauce, like curry or sometimes a red sauce. Dinner is usually a little bit lighter, like sweet potatoes or white potatoes with salad and some sort of meat. I always have a snack in the diaper bag, wherever I am.

How old is Duffy?

After giving birth to son Stanley in 2017, Jorgensen announced that she would be moving from triathlon to running and would try to represent the United States in the marathon in Tokyo, joining the Bowerman Track Club.

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