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How Many Pounds For Clydesdale Division In Triathlon? (Solved)

This division is available for the triathlon only. A clydesdale athlete is a male who weighs more than 220 pounds. Men meeting this criteria can chose to race as a clydesdale or not. This division is available for the triathlon only.

What is Clydesdale Division in triathlons?

  • Weight Standards. While most triathlon divisions are organized by age group,the Clydesdale division separates the athletes according to body weight.
  • Age Groups. After being classified in the Clydesdale division,competitors are broken into two age groups.
  • Starting Position.
  • Additional Rules.

Is there a Clydesdale division in Ironman?

FYI: I just confirmed that Ironman Arizona was the last NAS Ironman race to have the Clydesdale and Athena categories. For those of us who raced as Clydesdales and Athenas it was certainly more fun while it lasted.

What is Clydesdale and Athena division?

The Athena (women’s) category weight cutoff ranges from 145 lbs to 160 lbs. The Clydesdale (men’s) category cutoff ranges from 200lbs to 220 lbs.

What is the weight for Athena?

All athletes with this identification must weigh-in in transition area before the race on race morning. Clydesdales (males) must be 220 pounds or greater. Athenas (females) must be 165 pounds or greater.”

What is an Athena racer?

In reality, Athena runners are overweight women. That’s not a nice way to put it, so the running world community named a special division for us—the Athena Division. The weight categories can vary from race to race; not all races have Athena Divisions and participating is optional.

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What is USAT membership?

A USA Triathlon (USAT) card is a membership card designating membership in USA Triathlon. As an added benefit, membership also provides athletes with extra accident insurance during participation in USAT-sanctioned events. A signed waiver is required with USAT membership.

Are there weight classes in running?

RUNNING. While most running events allow runners to compete in age divisions, a number of road races and triathlons also offer participants the chance to compete in weight divisions. That allows athletes to compare their performances against athletes with a similar build.

What is a Clydesdale racer?

Clydesdale running refers to a division of male and female runners whose weight exceeds about 200 pounds. The reason for classifying runners based on weight is to ensure fairer conditions among racers. This division of runners is not as popularized or understood as others.

What is Clydesdale Athena?

The Athena/Clydesdale categories are an attempt to equalize competition in non-elite running and multisport events between big and small people. For men, Clydesdale is anyone over 200 lbs and for women the minimum weight for an Athena division runner is either 140 lbs or 150 lbs. First, you have to select to run in it.

What are heavy runners called?

They use terms like “heavy runner”, “ thudder ” or “stomper” to describe their running form.

What is Athena class at triathlon?

An athena is any female athlete weighing greater than 165 pounds. Women meeting this criteria can chose to race as an athena or not. This division is available for the triathlon only. A clydesdale athlete is a male who weighs more than 220 pounds.

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