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How To Activate Night Mode On Ironman Triathlon Shock Watch? (Perfect answer)

What are the features of the Timex triathlon Indiglo watch?

  • Features common on all models of the Timex Triathlon Indiglo watch are 100-hour chronograph and chronograph recall, multiple lap storage, programmable alarms, multiple time zones, day and date display, 12-hour or 24-hour display and Indiglo illumination. The watch contains four buttons: Stop/Reset, Indiglo, Mode, and Set/Recall.

What is Timex night mode?

Press and hold button for four seconds (beep will sound) to activate or de-activate NIGHT-MODE® feature. While in NIGHT-MODE® feature, pressing any button illuminates watch display for 3-4 seconds. NIGHT-MODE® feature automatically deactivates after eight hours.

How do you change the AM to PM on a Timex Ironman watch?

Press the RECALL button to choose between T1 or T2. Press the START/STOP (lower right button on the face) button and the AM or PM will begin flashing. Choose whether you want the alarm to go off in AM or PM by pressing the RECALL button. Press the START/STOP button and the hours will begin flashing.

What does the Moon mean on Timex watch?

Moon icon P will appear in Time mode. Feature causes any button press to activate INDIGLO® night-light for 3 seconds. NIGHT-MODE feature may be deactivated by pressing and holding INDIGLO® again for 4 seconds, or it automatically deactivates after 8 hours.

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What is Indiglo night light?

Indiglo is a product feature on watches marketed by Timex, incorporating an electroluminescent panel as a backlight for even illumination of the watch dial. Indiglo backlights typically emit a distinct greenish-blue color and evenly light the entire display or dial.

How do I set the time on my Timex Indiglo night light?

Instructions for the Timex T025B Indiglo Alarm Clock

  1. Turn the alarm clock over to access the battery compartment.
  2. Press and hold the “Set” button on the top of the alarm clock for two to three seconds.
  3. Press the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the time forward or backward.

How do I turn off night mode on my Timex Expedition?

Press and hold the INDIGLO button for four seconds to deactivate night mode.

What is light up watch dial?

Whether your profession involves working in the dark, or you find yourself checking the time on your watch during the night, watches with light up dials are fantastic. They allow you to quickly glance at your timepiece and immediately know the time, even in the dimmest of settings.

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