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How To Attach Race Numbers To Triathlon Bike? (Solution)

How do I attach my race number to my helmet?

  • Tip: Use a race belt to attach race numbers. It’s quick to put on and good for both the bike and run (plus, no safety pins). Wear it so the number is visible in back for the bike, and then rotate it to the front for the run. Place your helmet with straps out and upside down on the aero bars.

Where do triathlon numbers go?

The small sticker is the helmet number and must be affixed to the front of your helmet. The run number must be displayed during the run segment on the front of your body. We recommend using a triathlon race belt to attach your number so you don’t swim and bike with the race number pinned to your clothes.

How do you attach a bib to a tri suit?

Crumple up bib to soften it up a little. Attach it to race belt. For the swim, pop on the belt, turn it around, and then stuff the bib down the back of my tri shorts – that’s how I rock it under the wetsuit.

How do I attach a race bib?

Six Simple Steps to Put on Your Race Bib Properly

  1. Make sure you have everything you need.
  2. Position the bib and pin the one top corner.
  3. Pin the other top corner.
  4. Pin the bottom corners.
  5. Remove any unnecessary tickets from the bottom of the bib.
  6. Do one last check of your race bib.
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What is body marking for triathlon?

Body marking is the act of writing or adhering (with tattoos) the athlete’s respective race number to their body, in specific locations, for the purpose of athlete identification and athlete safety in the event of medical emergencies.

What do you need for a triathlon?

The Must-Have Triathlon List:

  • Wear your triathlon clothing and shoes. For many, we simply recommend wearing your tri shorts and your tri top or shirt to the race.
  • Bike. This might seem obvious, but people have forgotten bikes before.
  • Bike Carrier.
  • Bike Shoes.
  • Swim Goggles.
  • Wetsuit, if needed.
  • Bike helmet.
  • Sunglasses.

Where do you put your bib number?

Pin Your Bib Correctly Pin it to the front with a safety pin on each corner. This will help officials know that you are a part of the race.

How do race belts work?

The front of each belt features two plastic toggles connected to strands of elastic. Slide these toggles right off of the elastic. Once they’re off, slide the two elastic strands through the holes on your race number. Reattach the toggles and tighten them so your race number is secured.

Do race bibs go front back?

1. Wear bib somewhere on your front side (NEVER ON THE BACK). If you are being manually timed you may be viewed as a bandit at the finish, if being chip timed and your chip does not read, they do not always read, then a camera if being used to view any missed bibs will never see yours.

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