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How To Buy A Triathlon Time Trial Bike? (Best solution)

What makes a time trial bike good for triathlon?

  • Triathlon and Time Trial Bike Features. As mentioned above, aerodynamic advantage is most notably achieved on time trial bikes with aggressive frame geometries. This is to maximize a reduction in wind resistance, making the rider as fast as possible, particular at high speeds.

Is it worth buying a time trial bike?

A time trial position compromises on handling and can be physically taxing to hold, but the positives typically outweigh the negatives because the rider alone accounts for the vast majority of aerodynamic drag (around 80 per cent, according to recent studies) in the rider plus bicycle system.

How do I choose a time trial bike?

To set your time trial position from scratch, you’ll need some trial and error. Try to find the lowest position that is both comfortable and allows you to see ahead. A narrower position offers less control against crosswinds, so start wide, but gradually work inwards to a comfortable, safe, narrow position.

How much does a time trial bike cost?

In general, mid-range triathlon bikes are priced between $3-5k, but can easily escalate to $6+ with certain performance upgrades.

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What TT bikes are UCI legal?

2021 Canyon Speedmax (UCI-legal version) The bike appears to be a UCI-legal version of the 2021 Canyon Speedmax triathlon bike, with suitably slimmed-down tube shapes – which helps shed weight and bring the tube profiles within UCI size limits – and the integrated storage options removed.

Why are tri bikes so expensive?

However, why triathlon bikes seem more expensive is because there is no viable low-end market for triathlon bikes. The thing is, there is no such thing as a casual triathlete rider. If they are casual, they use a road bike. Road bikes are more versatile and comfortable.

How fast do triathlon bikes go?

Triathletes are some of the fittest people on earth. So it’s not surprising they able to bike at the speeds they do, but how fast do triathletes bike? Well, it depends on the event you are looking at and the distance of the course. But you can expect to see ranges from 27 km/hr up to 46.5 km/hr.

Can I use a TT bike as a road bike?

You can’t use it in road or crit races and they’re frowned on in Sportives. Less safe in traffic too cos of the more head down position. Realistically, even at club level it doesn’t make much difference to times, I’ve seen plenty of people on £4000 TT bikes put in slower times than guys on regular road bikes.

Is P Series UCI legal?

Cervélo’s tri and TT bike hierarchy doesn’t quite ascend in order, as the P-Series is kind of its own standalone UCI-legal, disc brake-only model, all built around the same carbon frameset with five different spec levels.

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Is Giant Trinity UCI legal?

Built to give you the full aero advantage, and it’s fully UCI legal for time trial competition.

Are triathlon bikes good for long distance?

Yes. However, triathlon bikes are not tour bikes. Triathlon bikes can be ridden for long distances, but they are designed for relatively straight and flat ridding. You wouldn’t want a triathlon bike on any multi-day gran-fondos or do any serious mountain climbing or descending with a tri-bike.

Do I need a triathlon bike for Ironman?

You Don’t Need a Fancy Bike First off, it’s not about the bike. Seriously, you don’t need a snazzy triathlon bike to do well in one of these races. I passed a lot of Cervelo P3s and aero helmets on my road bike, a Trek Emonda I’d equipped with aero bars. I wore a regular helmet and normal jersey.

Can I use any bike for a triathlon?

For your first triathlon, any bicycle that you have access to will work fine. If a bicycle fits correctly, you’re more likely to enjoy cycling and find it easy to spend time riding. A good fit also reduces the likelihood of cycling-related injuries.

Do triathlon bikes have gears?

Your standard racing bike (triathlon or road) has 10 gears attached to the rear wheel, collectively known as the cassette. Each one of those gears is a cog. Up front, attached to your cranks, are the gears we call the chain rings.

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