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How To Care For A Wetsuit Triathlon? (Correct answer)

Neoprene must be tight around your wrists and ankles. Rinse your suit after each use with cold fresh water. Store your wetsuit on a plastic hanger with very wide shoulders – especially during the winter. To dry – keep the wetsuit indoors or in the shade.

How do I take care of my wetsuit?

Take Care of Your Wetsuit

  1. 1) A thorough freshwater rinse.
  2. 2) Hang up your wetsuit properly.
  3. 3) Turn the suit inside out each day until it’s dry.
  4. 4) Use some wetsuit shampoo occasionally.
  5. 5) Banish the stink.
  6. 6) Slow down when taking your suit off.

How long does a triathlon wetsuit last?

Triathlon wetsuits have an average shelf life of about two years, according to Kenzie Jones of Poco Loco Swim Shop in Provo, Utah. However, that short lifespan is usually attributed to poor care, not poor quality.

How much does a wetsuit help in a triathlon?

Tests with and without wetsuits have shown a time saving of five to ten seconds per hundred meters, with wetsuit. Simply put, a full-sleeve suit will help any swimmer go faster. Like with any athletic gear, fit is important.

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How tight should a wetsuit be?

A well fitting wetsuit should feel tight … This means you shouldn’t see any creases or air pockets, or too much bunching in the arms or legs but you should still be able to move freely. Move around, stretch, swing your arms and get a feel for it.

Do triathlon wetsuits keep you dry?

The short answer to “is a wetsuit waterproof?” or “do you stay dry in a wetsuit?” is No. Not one bit. It’s actually the opposite. A wetsuit depends on the water getting inside the suit and next to your skin to keep you warm.

How do you rejuvenate neoprene?

For a rip or tear in your neoprene apply two thin coats of the Gear Aid Aquaseal+NEO Contact Cement to the edges of the tear. Wait 5–10 minutes, then press the edges together. If this is in a high-stress area, you’ll want to reinforce the repair with a patch.

Should I dry my wetsuit in the sun?

Don’t leave your wetsuit in the sun! The UV rays will deteriorate the wetsuit fabric really fast. Dry your wetsuit in the shade if possible. Don’t leave your wetsuit in your car or boot of your car for an extended time on a hot day.

How long does a wetsuit take to dry?

Drying Your Wetsuit Ideally, you will dry your wetsuit in two stages. After it has been washed, hang it to dry, so the outside of the suit dries. After about 24 hours or so, it is time to dry out the inside of the wetsuit.

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Is pool water bad for wetsuits?

Lots of people use wetsuits in the pool to keep them warm. This is ok, but keep in mind your wetsuit will deteriorate faster in chlorine compared to fresh or salt water. Avoid chlorine where possible, or give your wetsuit a really good wash after you have been in a swimming pool.

Do wetsuits go bad?

On average, a good wetsuit from a quality manufacturer should last anywhere from 4 years to 10 years or more, depending on heavily you use it. A cheaper brand wetsuit that doesn’t have the same construction quality may only last for a season or two before things like zippers become issues.

Does neoprene deteriorate over time?

Under no circumstances should you ever put neoprene in the dryer. Even leaving it in a hot car can begin the process of deterioration. The best way to dry your wetsuit (after a freshwater rinse, of course!) is to hang it in open air, in the shade.

Do wetsuits improve buoyancy?

Each person is different – some people float easily, while some have to tread water to keep from sinking. But a wetsuit will always provide some additional buoyancy, helping the person wearing it to float too. The more neoprene you wrap yourself in, the more buoyant – and warmer – you will be.

Are wetsuits worth it?

Owning a wetsuit is beneficial for everyone, from amateur to pro. Body heat is lost 20 times more in water than air due to the higher density, encouraging more conduction. So you don’t have to be the world’s biggest water enthusiast to feel the need to keep warm.

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Should I wear a wetsuit in my triathlon?

If your triathlon is in open water and that water is predicted to be cold, I suggest you get a hold of a wetsuit. Wetsuits are most beneficial to weaker swimmers. The wetsuit keeps you warm and helps you float more easily. If your wetsuit is too big, it will take on extra water between the wetsuit and your body.

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