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How To Change Shoes In Triathlon? (Solution)

Can you use cycling shoes for triathlons?

  • While you can use your road cycling shoes for triathlons, racing shoes focus on getting you in and out of transition quickly. If you’re not willing to do cartwheels to slice seconds or even minutes off your transition times, then cycling shoes will make it easy for you.

Do you change shoes in a triathlon?

Most triathletes use two different sets of shoes during a triathlon. Obviously, nothing is worn on your feet during the swim or Transition 1. If that is the case, you can wear your running shoes on the bike ride. For the run, wear the shoes you have been doing your run training in – normally a standard running shoe.

How do triathletes put their shoes on?

‘PRO’ method – run out of T1, get on your bike and then put your feet into the shoes on the move. ‘ SAFE’ method – you will have to run in your shoes, or run with your shoes and fit them near the mount line (this is often frowned upon as it clogs the exit area), then get onto your bike and click into the pedals.

How do you change during a triathlon?

You can opt to change into clothes specific to each leg of the race —or not. Some triathletes choose to do the whole race in a swimsuit for quicker transitions. Other swimmers simply pull on a pair of shorts before jumping on their bike.

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Do triathletes use clipless pedals?

Many experienced and almost all elite triathletes use a road style clipless system. The most popular system is Shimano’s SPD-SL, but there are several alternatives including Look’s Keo and Time’s Xpresso. Pedals are single-sided meaning that you frequently have to flip a pedal with your toe to be able to clip-in.

What do females wear for a triathlon?

Some women can get away with a tight triathlon suit, while others are more comfortable in a sporty swimsuit top or a moisture-wicking sports bra that will not get saturated during the swim. Make sure all your attire, including your sports bra, is ‘tried and true’ come race day.

Should I wear a wetsuit for my first triathlon?

In a triathlon you want to wear what is called a triathlon suit or a triathlon kit (a top/bottom combo) designed to be worn in the swim, the bike, and finally the run. In other words, you do not take it off! With the exception of the wetsuit (if needed), you need not put on any other piece of clothing.

Do Triathletes wear socks?

Most pro triathletes don’t wear socks for sprint and Olympic distance events and are wearing some for longer events. However, over a full Ironman distance, it is rather insignificant. The comfort of socks over such a big distance is, for most people, well worth those couple of seconds.

Can you run in triathlon shoes?

Triathletes can use any running shoe. Although there are some designed specifically for triathlons, they aren’t necessary.

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