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How To Cut Carbon Fiber Triathlon Aero Bars Extensions? (Perfect answer)

What are the best carbon clip on aerobars for triathlon?

  • Vision Trimax Carbon Clip-On Aerobars The Vision Trimax aero bars come in a wide range of stack height and width, so that it can fit any level of triathlete. All of these adjustments can be made through open access underside bolts. This makes it possible to make adjustments without feeling like you need to turn your bike upside down.

Can carbon fiber handlebars be cut?

Cutting a carbon fiber handlebar, seat post, and especially a steerer tube, requires many of the same steps as trimming an aluminum component, although there are a few important points that can make this job stress free and smooth.

Can you cut aero bars?

Not only will you get a perfectly straight cut, but the blade leaves a smooth edge too, so you won’t have to file and sand the end forever.

Can you cut carbon bars with pipe cutter?

Condensed answer: Technically, a pipe cutter can cut carbon bars, but the practice isn’t recommended because the handlebars can be damaged in the process. It’s better to use a fine-tooth hacksaw blade with a guide.

Can you cut carbon fiber with a table saw?

Carbon Fiber Cutting 101 Dragonplate’s Carbon Fiber products are easy to cut with the right tools. You can use a band saw, scroll saw, jigsaw, or table saw with a fine-tooth carbide blade. Once cut, edges can be finished with light sandpaper or a file. We recommend sanding your edges to ensure they are smooth.

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Should I tape my aero bars?

But instead of being wrapping with padded bar tape, like a normal bar, aero road bars are designed to be used with bare tops. While slippery in the wind, the bare tops can also be slippery in the hands. Many pro racers just tape them normally.

How far apart should aero bars be?

I have clip-on aerobars that are mounted about 8 inches apart, primarily because my bike computer is mounted close to my headset. I have trained and raced w/ them for over a year and am comfortable with this set-up.

How do you cut hardened carbon fiber?

If you have a rotary cutting tool such as a Dremel, this is a great starting point for cutting carbon fiber. A standard abrasive metal cutting wheel works, but it will degrade quickly. If you are doing a lot of cutting you will be better off getting a diamond coated cutting wheel that is used for cutting tile.

Can you cut aluminum handlebars with a pipe cutter?

Using either a pipe cutter or hacksaw for the aluminum will work fine.

How do you cut aero seatpost?

Placing the blade of your saw on the grease pencil mark, very carefully proceed to cut straight down resulting in a 45 degree chamfer being cut onto the trailing edge of the seatpost. Carefully sand the end and after applying carbon assembly compound, return to the frame.

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