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How To Cut Triathlon Wetsuit At Ankles? (Solution)

How do you put on a wetsuit for a triathlon?

  • Some triathletes soak their new wetsuit in the bathtub; some just slap it on and swim. Either way, expect a little fit forgiveness and stretching after that first dunking, and do not wear your new wetsuit for the first time on race morning. It won’t feel great. Before you put on your triathlon wetsuit, there are a few key tips that’ll help:

Can I cut the arms off my wetsuit?

No issues. Just make sure you use a sharp pair of sicizors or blade. Most wetsuits have seam tape that runs up the seams from the arm and leg openings. Just make sure you cut where there is still seam tape–don’t cut above where the seam tape ends.

How do you hem a wetsuit?

Just cut it with scissors to the lenght you want, then use a normal sewing machine to get a tight zig-zag stitch, and go over the seam perpendicularly a couple of times back and forth to prevent it from tearing. Use some wetsuit glue later if it starts to look shabby.

Can wetsuits be altered?

If your wetsuit has become too loose or too tight in key areas (i.e. neck, cuffs, shoulders and back) the neoprene panels can easily be altered, meaning you don’t have to fork out for a completely new suit.

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How do you cut a swimsuit wetsuit?

SO THE LEGS HAVE TO GO! You have to CUT your triathlon wetsuit legs just above the knees, slightly higher behind the knee, to eliminate that rubbing. You can still use your “adapted” suit for triathlons, but it will have lost a little buoyancy, and allow a little more water in.

Can I cut the legs off my wetsuit?

Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the arms and/or legs to the desired length. We recommend cutting parallel to original cut on the wetsuit (note: the ankles are cut diagonally to maintain a bigger opening to aid you in getting your wetsuit on and off)

Can I cut a neoprene wetsuit?

Yes, you read correctly– take a pair of scissors and cut your wetsuit. This will remove the extra neoprene and help your wetsuit glide off. Don’t worry it will not ruin your wetsuit. Lastly, when taking off the wetsuit, I pull from the inside straight down instead of trying to pull my ankle up.

What are flatlock seams wetsuit?

Flatlock stitching involves laying one panel edge over the other, then stitching though the neoprene. The resulting seam is flexible and strong. Result: watertight, flexible seams. This is the ideal seam for cold water temperatures, and is the one found on higher quality, more expensive wetsuits.

Do wetsuits stretch out over time?

Wetsuits fit Tight. Keep in mind that neoprene stretches when it gets wet, and also stretches with use over time.

Can you cut a Roka wetsuit?

If you do want to cut them, we have heat taped the first 6″ or so of the leg so that you can get a clean cut. We have a policy about wetsuit mods, and strongly recommend you confirm the size is right before you cut a suit. I bought my Roka at the IMAZ expo last year and the guy said it fit perfectly.

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What do I need for Swimrun?

What do you wear to a Swimrun?

  1. Swimrun Wetsuit.
  2. Swimrun Shoes.
  3. Swimrun Pull Buoy (Optional but highly recommended)
  4. Swim Paddles (Optional but recommended depending on your overall swim fitness)
  5. Swim Goggles.
  6. Shin/ Lower body floats (Optional)
  7. Tether.
  8. Swimrun Undergarments.
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