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How To Fit A Saddle Triathlon? (Best solution)

How to choose the right bike saddle for a triathlon?

  • As you try to find the right saddle, keep an open mind. Some shops may start you down a saddle choice path by pointing out saddles designed for a triathlon or for men or women specifically. However, some triathletes find a road saddle more comfortable and some men may find women’s specific saddles more comfortable or the other way around.

How is a bike saddle supposed to fit?

Saddle position. Ensure your saddle is horizontal. If the nose of your saddle is pointing too far up or down, then you may experience discomfort in certain undesirable areas. If your saddle is too far forward or too far back, this can lead to problems with your neck, lower back or arms.

Why are triathlon bike saddles different?

Generally triathlon specific saddles are designed for a unique rider-saddle interaction. Simply put – in a proper tri position you will be in a much more forward rotated pelvic position as opposed to a road position.

What saddles do pro triathletes use?

The Bontrager Hilo Pro is perhaps the best triathlon saddle from Trek’s Bontrager component brand. Following the success of the Hilo XXX and Hilo Speed-Dial, the Hilo Pro features thick and dense padding with a wide pressure relief channel, carbon rails, and an integrated mount for rear hydration systems.

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How do I choose a time trial saddle?

Triathletes, especially long-distance ones, will spend extended periods of time on the aerobars. So a tri-friendly saddle should have a narrow, flat profile due to the rider being in this aggressive forward position, with their weight placed towards the nose.

What happens if saddle is too high?

A saddle that is too high will cause the hips to rock back and forth. Not only does this detract from pedalling efficiency, but it can also be extremely uncomfortable. Discomfort can show up in your lower back or as knee pain (especially in the back of the knee).

What is the correct saddle height?

If your saddle height is correct, your heel should just graze the pedal at the bottom of the pedal stroke (in the 6 o’clock position). When riding, if you encounter pain at the front of your knee, raise the saddle slightly. If you have pain in the back of the knee, drop the saddle.

How do I stop my bum hurting when cycling?

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce discomfort and prevent the formation of sores.

  1. Fit: It’s essential that your bike is well fitted.
  2. Saddle Choice: Every backside is different but there is a saddle out there to suit you.
  3. Shorts:
  4. Emollient/Chamois Cream:
  5. Build-up slowly:
  6. Stand up:
  7. Keep clean:
  8. Male.

Do I need a triathlon saddle?

That’s why you must find a triathlon-specific saddle that works for you. So it’s vital for both health and performance that you find a TT saddle that’ll allow you to hold a fixed position for long periods, especially if you’re an iron-distance triathlete.

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What saddle does Mathieu van der Poel use?

Selle Italia announced the arrival of a special Mathieu van der Poel signature edition of their $400 Flite Boost Kit Carbonio SuperFlow saddle. Three decades after the original Flite was introduced, Selle Italia has continued evolving the design from the original that became one of the most famous in saddle history.

How high should seat be on tri bike?

This consideration impacts power. Proper saddle height should put your knee angle between 140-150° when at the bottom of your down stroke. If the saddle is too low and the angle too acute, you’ll be spinning and bouncing without producing any power.

Should I size down for TT bike?

I would consider that only 1/2 to 1 size down for my height. If you think a size 56cm is “normal”. Yes the 52cm top tube bike is a little small.

How do you size a tri bike?

To measure a tri bike start from the center of the bottom bracket and measure to the center top of the seat tube. You must also note that some manufacturers measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center top of the seat tube. So check this with the manufacturer.

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