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How To Get More Forward On Triathlon Biike? (Question)

How to choose the right bike for a triathlon?

  • There are always ways of making the bike better suited for race day, but still applicable as your every-day bike. Getting a professional bike fit is the most important part of buying a new triathlon or road bike. Bike fit can make you more comfortable on your bike, increase your power and speed and keep you from getting injured.

How can I improve my TT position?

First and most obviously: ride your TT bike more often. Try doing one hard ride and one easy ride each week alone on your TT bike, as well as one or two long rides each month. Stick to flat to rolling routes, so that you can stay aero for the majority of the ride.

Why do triathletes sit so far forward?

So they are more balanced on the bike, where triathletes are kind of front-loaded on the bike—they’re so far forward over the bottom bracket. They’re trying to actually run on the bike rather than pedal like a cyclist does—they get behind the pedal. That creates a different saddle situation too.”

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Should I train on my tri bike?

Riding a tri bike is much more challenging then on a road bike. If your back is tight or sore after getting off the bike your run will surely suffer, so training time in the aero position is essential! So your long rides should be on your tri bike.

Are tri bikes really faster?

Triathlon bikes are designed to make riders faster. The seat tube is closer to vertical than a road bike’s. This steeper geometry places the rider’s hips over the crankset which engages their quadriceps more for increased power.” Tri bikes are more aerodynamic and are “faster” than road bikes.

How do you get into aero position?

Ask a Gear Guru: How Do I Get Comfortable in the Aero Position?

  1. Get A Good Bike Fit. Whether you’re buying a new tri bike or putting aerobars on your road bike, you need a professional’s expertise.
  2. Ease Yourself In On A Trainer.
  3. Use The Terrain As A Guide.
  4. Some Of Our Favorite Aerobar Setups.

How can I improve my CDA?

Instant improvements can be found by spending money on equipment. Deep section wheels, aero helmets and aero bike frames all drastically lower CdA. The biggest improvement you can make is your position and in the main achieving a better position is free. Improving your position takes time and attention.

Why is my TT bike so slow?

Why TT Bikes Can Make You Slower There’s a reason we don’t all sit on our top tubes when pedaling, more aero does not equal more able. You’re seeking the position that maximizes muscular efficiency and aerodynamics together, and that position is rarely as low as you can go.

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How do you hold an aero position longer?

Raise your arms as high as possible while keeping them up against the wall. Activate your back muscles to raise and lower your arms. Do 3 sets of 6–8. A strong core is one of the keys to maintaining the aero position for long periods of time.

How long does it take to get used to TT position?

Although the saddle can feel great during the fitting session, it may cause discomfort once out on the road. I will inform the client that this may occur and to give it 1-3 weeks for the bone and soft tissue to adapt.

How uncomfortable is a TT bike?

I would go as far as to say they are extremely comfortable. They have a pair of nice padded elbow rests up front so you can really get into your chill zone, and you can get so low on them it is almost as if you are lying down; the risk is that you may actually fall asleep while riding the bike.

How high should my tri bike seat be?

Saddle height is the second piece of the puzzle. This consideration impacts power. Proper saddle height should put your knee angle between 140-150° when at the bottom of your down stroke. If the saddle is too low and the angle too acute, you’ll be spinning and bouncing without producing any power.

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