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How To Loosen A Stuck Triathlon Bike Seat? (Perfect answer)

How do you fix a bike seat that won’t stay up?

  • Remove the bottom-bracket parts, cork the top of the seatpost if it is open, and with the frame upside-down and a saddle attached to the seatpost, drop chips of (dry) ice or pour liquid nitrogen down the seat tube into the seatpost. Then hold the saddle down on the floor with your feet and twist the frame.

How do you loosen a tight bolt on a bike seat?

It’s probably that the bolts are seized. So a lubricant like liquid wrench or WD40 may help loosen them. Heat can help but you need to get it very hot like with a torch. Perhaps if you cut the rails of the saddle you bang them out with a punch.

Why is my bike seat stuck?

There are two possible reasons: The seatpost may be stuck mechanically, for instance by being the wrong size and having been forced in; or, the problem may be chemical, caused by corrosion. If an oversized seatpost was forced into the frame, it will often make a noticeable bulge in the seat tube.

How do you get a stuck alloy seatpost out of a steel frame?

Use frame as a lever and twist. Frame upside down and place the seat clamp in a large vice, spray plus gas into the seat tube bottle bosses or BB area, leave for a few hours/overnight, grab frame and twist side to side and it should free off, if it doesn’t then repeat plus gas and leave a bit longer.

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How do you loosen a loose threaded bolt?

With nuts you can normally just split it off of the bolt, clean up the threads, and install a new nut. With bolts you can use some locking jaw pliers to grab the bolt head and turn the bolt out. Usually the relief cuts will let the pliers squeeze the head of the bolt enough that it turns out easily.

Is WD-40 safe for carbon fiber?

32 oz. WD-40 Specialist® Bike Cleaner is a biodegradable foaming wash that is easy-to-use and safe on all parts and surfaces. Safe for use on all bike surfaces including carbon fiber, titanium, chrome, steel, aluminum, rubber and plastics.

Does ammonia dissolve aluminum oxide?

Ammonia dissolves aluminum oxide, and automotive anti-freeze or cola (yes, the soft drink) often will as well; penetrating oil will only work with a steel seatpost in a steel frame.

How do you unstick a carbon seatpost?

Squirt penetrating oil around the seatpost, and let it sit overnight. To get the most penetration, remove the bottom bracket, turn the bike upside down, squirt the penetrating oil in from the bottom of the seat tube, and let it sit overnight. The next day, stand over the bike and twist the saddle.

Can you put an aluminum seatpost in a carbon frame?

Grease will work just fine unless the post slips, then you need the carbon assembly paste. For those who fear grease, carbon assembly paste is grease with some grit in it.

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