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How To Remove Triathlon Bike Rear Wheel? (Solved)

How to remove a dropped tire from a bike?

  • Loosen your brake calipers so that the tire can escape from the brake pads. This will depend on the type of brakes you have. Loosen the nuts to the rear axle or use the quick-release levers if your bike has them. Pull the bike wheel out of the drop-out (this may face forward, down or to the rear depending on your bike).

Can you convert quick release to through axle?

You can use through bolts (which can be quick release) in QR dropouts. These require specific hubs that allow for a 9mm front through bolt and a 10mm rear through bolt. On most Shimano hubs (and some similar Formula type hubs) you can replace QR axles with solid axles and use axle nuts on each end.

How do you remove a wheel without quick-release?

Disengage brakes and derailleur gear (gives chain more slack, making wheel removal easier) Work on the nuts and loosen them using a spanner (Pro tip: use a spanner with the exact size of nuts) Gently remove the rear bike wheel. Completely remove the derailleur chain and lift your bike off the ground.

What is the difference between through axle and quick release?

With a thru axle system, the entire axle goes – you guessed it – straight through the fork or frame, and the axle would have to come out before the wheel to bike connection was lost. On a quick release hub, the knurls on the end cap faces bite into the frame or fork to make a secure connection with the hub.

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