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How To Set Stopwatch On Timex Ironman Triathlon?

How do you set time on Timex Ironman?

  • The Timex Ironman features the ability to set up to three separate alarms. Open the alarm menu by pressing the “MODE” button until you see “ALRM 1.”. Enter the setting menu by holding the “SET” button until the current time on the alarm menu flashes.

How do you use a Timex stopwatch?

Press and hold LAP/NEXT to see or switch back to home time from TIME 2. Press START/STOP to turn hourly chime on/off. When on, bell icon appears and unit chimes on every hour. This mode provides a chronograph (stopwatch) function.

How do I set the hourly chime on my Timex Ironman watch?

To turn on/off alarm and hourly chime, press START/STOP repeatedly. Watch will step through four combinations of alarm and chime settings. Bell icon b or ALARM or ALM appears when alarm is on. CHIME or CH appears when hourly chime is on – watch will chime on every hour.

How do you set a Timex Indiglo digital watch?

Setting a Digital Watch Face Press the button on the lower left side. This should make the first digit flash. Using the button on the upper right-hand corner, navigate to the right number for the hour. To move to the next digit, press the lower left-hand button and repeat.

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How do I stop my marathon watch from beeping every hour?

How do I stop the watch from beeping every hour? Answer: Press and hold the bottom right button; this displays the alarm. At the same time, press the bottom left to toggle the hourly chime.

What is chime in digital watch?

Many digital watches include a chime feature to beep, buzz, chirp or in some cases produce a tone or musical notes to alert the wearer of the time – every hour on the hour.

How do I reset my Timex stopwatch?


  1. 1) PULL out CROWN to “C” position. 2) PRESS pusher “A” intermittently until the seconds.
  2. sweep hand resets to “0” or 12-hr. position.
  3. the 12 o’clock eye reset to “0” or 12-hr position.
  4. NOTE: Make sure that the chronograph is stopped and reset before adjusting.

How do you set a Timex watch?

Press and hold down the “Set/Recall” button to open the time set menu. This button is located at the top left side of your Timex. Hold the button down for 3-5 seconds to enter the time set menu. After that time, the screen will read “Set” across the top.

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