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How To Trim Triathlon Number Aerodynamic? (Solution)

How much will aerodynamic drag reduction cut my time?

  • The bottom line: In a solo event or triathlon, lowering total aerodynamic drag by 10% (from 7lbs of drag to 6.3lbs), without changing power output, will cut 21 minutes of time (7%) from a rider who averages 20mph over 100 miles. Time will drop from 5 hours to 4 hours and 39 minutes and average speed will go up to 21.4mph.

How can a triathlete overcome drag?

Why? Because overcoming aerodynamic drag accounts for approximately 80% of the power that a typical triathlete generates during a typical bike leg. There are three options for this:

  1. Wind tunnel.
  2. Velodrome with power meter and monitoring.
  3. Repeatable, flat, outdoor loop with power meter and monitoring.

What angle should my aero bars be?

Though wind-tunnel data suggests slightly titled-up forearms cut drag ever so slightly, level arms give better feel and balance. If you can ask a friend to photograph you side-on, you should note that the angle between your forearm and upper should be around 90-110°.

How can I improve my aero position on my bike?

1. First and most obviously: ride your TT bike more often. Try doing one hard ride and one easy ride each week alone on your TT bike, as well as one or two long rides each month. Stick to flat to rolling routes, so that you can stay aero for the majority of the ride.

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Why are aero bars not allowed?

They’re not considered safe when riders may be racing in close proximity – a slight wobble could cause a major takedown. They’re not great for cornering either. Hence the reason they’re illegal in most events, except triathlon and time trials, where riders are mostly spread apart and riding fairly straight courses.

How do you get the best TT position?

Front end. The critical thing for a time trial bike to have is a low front end. A short headtube allows you to bring your chest down and out of the wind and achieve that head-in-line-with-the-back-and-bum position.

How can I reduce my CdA?

A cyclist can reduce CdA by riding in a more tucked ride position (which primarily reduces “A”) and also by using better bike equipment (Cd: a skin suit is one example). Winning cyclists are known for doing both of these things, in addition to doing a lot of other things.

How do you reduce drag in water?

Here are ten good ways to help reduce frontal drag.

  1. 1 – Keep the body aligned.
  2. 2 – Keep the head down.
  3. 3 – Pull underwater with a high elbow.
  4. 4 – Wear the fastest technology racing suit possible.
  5. 5 – Shave all the hair from your body.
  6. 7 – Keep your kick tight.
  7. 8 – Double cap.
  8. 9 – Wear low profile goggles.

Are aero bikes faster?

With an aero bike, you’ll simply be able to go faster than you would with a non-aero bike. The 150-Watt rider riding during a windy day now finishes 6.5 minutes faster on an aero bike (8.4 minutes with no drafting) and is 83.3 seconds per hour faster (93.6 seconds with no drafting).

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What is a TT position?

As I mentioned, the purpose of the TT/Tri position is to allow the rider to assume an aerodynamic posture aboard the bike, whereby their pelvis and shoulders rotate forward in harmony. This forward rotation is the part that will cause discomfort.

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