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How To Use Time For Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch?

How do you set time on Timex Ironman?

  • The Timex Ironman features the ability to set up to three separate alarms. Open the alarm menu by pressing the “MODE” button until you see “ALRM 1.”. Enter the setting menu by holding the “SET” button until the current time on the alarm menu flashes.

How do I set the time on my Timex Ironman Triathlon 30 Lap?

Press and hold down the “Set/Recall” button to open the time set menu. This button is located at the top left side of your Timex. Hold the button down for 3-5 seconds to enter the time set menu. After that time, the screen will read “Set” across the top.

How do I set the time on my Timex Indiglo watch?

Setting the Traditional Clock Face With your index finger and thumb, carefully pull out the winding knob located on the right side of the watch. You will hear a click. Turn the knob slowly toward you and rotate the hands clockwise until the hour and the minute hands match the current time.

How do you set the time on a Timex clock radio?

Press and release the Clock/Presets Button to complete time setting. Press and hold the Clock/Presets Button until the time flashes on the display. Press and release the Hour/ + Button to adjust the HOUR. NOTE: The PM indicator will light when the hour is set for PM.

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How do you set the day and date on a Timex watch?

Pull crown to “middle” position and turn CLOCKWISE until correct day appears. If day does not change, pull crown to “out” position and turn CLOCKWISE or COUNTER CLOCKWISE through necessary number of 24 hour periods until correct day appears.

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