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How Triathlon Running Differ From Just Running? (Question)

Do triathletes run slower than runners?

  • All of the triathletes in that subject pool were experienced and extremely well-trained, yet almost half of them also exhibited the same economy-spoiling changes in running form after cycling. The best triathlon runners typically run five to six percent slower over a given distance in a triathlon than they do in a running race of the same distance.

How much slower do you run in a triathlon?

Realistically you can expect to run one to three minutes slower than you would be in a standalone 5km run race. If you pace the swim and bike properly, you increase your chances of running well. Imagine you’re doing a standalone 10km or 10-mile running race and you’ll be nearer the mark in terms of pacing.

Are triathletes good runners?

Most triathletes are excellent swimmers and/or cyclists but loathe the run and are not great at pacing and building speed. Although triathletes typically spend most of their time on a bike and therefore can gain the most race advantage during the ride, don’t discount how much ground you can make up on the run.

Why do people run triathlons?

Some are obvious: ” To lose weight fast!” Others are personal: “To boost my self-confidence and feel good about myself.” Others are spiritual: “To find more meaning in my exercise,” “To live more fully.” A few are social: “To brag to everyone in the office that I did a triathlon,” and some are inspirational, “To serve

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Does triathlon training improve running?

It’s true that you will actually run less when you’re doing this training. I had built up an enormous amount of aerobic strength by devoting time to triathlon training. Long rides of over 2 hours and intense swimming sessions gave me the strength to run more with less injury risk.

How fast are triathlon runners?

High-caliber professionals will often finish Olympic triathlons in around 2 hours or less, with the men’s record currently at just over 1 hour, 46 minutes. But for top age groupers, Olympic distance triathlon times typically range between 2 and 2 ½ hours.

How fast do triathletes run 10km?

My first was 55 but that was first ever proper run after smoking for a long time. Currently about 46 mins but 40 is certainly something to aim for. If your looking to win races you have to be able to do sub 36 mins for a 10k.

What running shoes do pro triathletes wear?


  • HOKA CARBON X 2. HOKA has taken the triathlon world by storm over the last 5 years, with many of the top professionals racing in HOKA footwear.

What is the perfect running form?

A slight forward lean is the most basic running stance. To achieve this, you should be leaning forward from your ankles while maintaining a strong, neutral core. Improving your ankle flexibility will enable you to run with an upright posture, protecting your knees and lower back from injury.

How do I get better at triathlons?

10 Tips to be a Stronger Triathlon Runner

  1. Train no faster than one pace quicker than the race you are training for.
  2. Keep your feet healthy and strong.
  3. Practice running off the bike.
  4. Land effectively.
  5. Include core work and strength into your training.
  6. Learn how to properly pace your run.
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Are triathletes selfish?

Obsession – let’s face it, triathlon (and many other endurance sports) are solitary and can be selfish activities.

Is it healthy to do triathlons?

With that said, triathlon is a healthy sport to participate in due to its positive impact on our cardiovascular health, brain health and bone health.

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