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Travelling Internationally For A Triathlon What To Pack? (TOP 5 Tips)

What to Bring for the Swim

  1. Tri-suit or swim suit.
  2. Wetsuit.
  3. Goggles.
  4. Digital watch.
  5. Swim cap.

What do you pack in a triathlon bag?

Triathlon Checklist

  • Tri suit or swimsuit.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Cap.
  • Goggles.
  • Antifog solution for goggles.
  • Bodyglide (skin lubricant)
  • Pre-race sandals or other footwear.
  • Towel.

What should I bring to a triathlon?

The Must-Have Triathlon List:

  1. Wear your triathlon clothing and shoes. For many, we simply recommend wearing your tri shorts and your tri top or shirt to the race.
  2. Bike. This might seem obvious, but people have forgotten bikes before.
  3. Bike Carrier.
  4. Bike Shoes.
  5. Swim Goggles.
  6. Wetsuit, if needed.
  7. Bike helmet.
  8. Sunglasses.

How do you travel for a triathlon?

Options for Traveling With Your Bike to Your Next Triathlon Race

  1. Bike Transport Services.
  2. Packing in a Bike Bag or Case.
  3. Taking on a Plane as Regular Baggage.
  4. Other Creative Ways to Travel With Your Bike.

How do you fly with a triathlon bike?

If you want to bring your bike with you—and have it for the duration of your stay—we recommend a travel case. Travel bags—which are lighter than a hard case—may get through airline check-in without an additional baggage fee.

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Do you wear socks in triathlon?

Most pro triathletes don’t wear socks for sprint and Olympic distance events and are wearing some for longer events. However, over a full Ironman distance, it is rather insignificant. The comfort of socks over such a big distance is, for most people, well worth those couple of seconds.

What should you do the night before a triathlon?

Remain hydrated throughout the day, using water rather than sports drinks. Eat light, balanced meals containing carbs, protein, and a small amount of fat. Have an early lunch and eat your dinner long before bedtime. Stick to foods that your body is used to.

How much should you eat during a triathlon?

Eating and drinking during events During Olympic distance and sprint distance triathlon racing, athletes should aim to consume between 30-60g of carbohydrate each hour. This can be achieved through a combination of sports drinks, carbohydrate gels and through solid forms of carbohydrate e.g. Sports bars or muesli bars.

What should you eat before a triathlon?

Generally speaking, you should eat what you normally would. The day before a race is not the time to try new foods or eat something random. Ensure your carbohydrate fuel tank is full by including carbohydrate rich foods such as bread, rice, pasta, noodles, crackers, fruit, milk, yoghurt in your main meals and snacks.

Do you bring your own bike to a triathlon?

Yes, you will need a bike. No, it does not need to be expensive. We see people do triathlons on their old mountain bikes, hybrids, or other slower bikes — and especially with a couple simple modifications these bikes can do very well. If you can, try to use a road bike, even if you simply borrow one from a friend.

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How early should I arrive to an Ironman?

For a full iron-distance race, arriving a minimum of three days before is ideal, as well as at least a full day post-race to show off your finisher’s medal and re-learn how to walk up or down stairs.

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