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What Does Draft Legal Triathlon Mean? (Solution)

Draft Legal racing is a style of Triathlon racing that allows athletes to draft off of one another on the bike leg of a Triathlon. Most triathlons in the United States are non-draft, meaning that athletes on the bike leg must stay at least 3 bike lengths behind an athlete, unless they are moving to the side to pass.

What does drafting mean in triathlon?

To those most intimate with the sport, drafting on the bike in triathlon is language to be feared. Draft-legal races – meaning the ability to draft behind others on the bike leg without penalty – are few and far between in the triathlon world, especially in the United States.

Is drafting legal in triathlon?

In the bike leg of the Olympic triathlon, competitors are allowed to draft off of one another. Although drafting is allowed, competitors are not allowed to block out other riders. No forward progress is allowed without the bicycle.

Why is drafting not allowed in triathlon?

But why exactly is bike drafting in triathlons is illegal? bike drafting is illegal because it creates an inappropriate advantage for the drafting cyclists, helping them save 15 to 30 percent of cycling energy at the expense of another triathlete.

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What is a drafting penalty triathlon?

Drafting (Non-Draft Legal Events) If you move closer than three bike lengths you are in the draft zone and must now pass. Once this occurs, the overtaken athlete must drop back out of the three bike length (22 feet) draft zone before attempting to re-pass. The penalty for this violation is a variable time penalty.

Is drafting allowed?

“Drafting is illegal in Ironman events and in the vast majority of age-group races but it is permitted in top-level ITU (International Triathlon Union) racing. “The reason that drafting is legal for ITU pros is to make for a more spectator-friendly sport. It becomes more of a race and less of a time trial.

Is drafting illegal in Ironman?

Unlike in biking competitions and shorter triathlon distances – such as the Olympic distance – drafting is strictly forbidden in the Ironman. The Ironman is the ultimate test of an athlete’s endurance, and there is zero-tolerance for slipstreaming, because that would give some athletes an unfair advantage.

What is a draft legal athlete?

AGE GROUP DRAFT LEGAL EQUIPMENT. Draft Legal racing is triathlon racing that allows athletes to draft off of one another on the bike leg of the triathlon.

Are Olympic triathlons draft legal?

In the Olympics the athletes race what has come to be known as the Olympic distance or standard distance–i.e., 1500m swim, 40K bike, and 10K run. That’s the same distance you likely race in your local Olympic-distance triathlons, but the major difference is that Olympic and World Triathlon races are draft-legal.

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Is drafting allowed in swimming?

Drafting is allowed in most open water races and the swim portion of triathlons. Drafting inevitably makes your time better, unless your swimmer does one of the following: Follows someone who navigates poorly. Follows someone who is too slow.

Are headphones allowed in triathlons?

Headphones, headsets and audio devices are not allowed at any time during any triathlon event. Most races allow you to carry your cell phone if you wish, but it must be stored out of sight in a bike bag or jersey pocket.

Can you draft in a duathlon?

Duathlons, like many other races, have rules and recommendations to adhere to ensuring all competitors enjoy the event. It is worth considering these during training: No drafting is allowed, i.e. taking shelter behind or beside another competitor during the bike leg of the race (see explanation below)

How do you avoid a triathlon draft?

If you prefer to take the common-sense view, simply don’t ride too close behind anyone. If someone passes you, and now you are too close behind them, drop back within a few seconds rather than continue to ride their wheel. The tricky part comes when you are the one passing someone.

What does yellow card mean in triathlon?

A competitor who impedes the forward progress of another competitor will receive a Yellow Card ( Stop-Start penalty ) for blocking.

Can you use flippers in a triathlon?

You also cannot have any gloves, fins, bouys, anything that can be used for propulsion. Can’t wear those. And goggles are 100% optional.

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