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What Does The Elite Card In Triathlon Mean?

1. ELITE TRIATHLETE LICENSE: This license is for athletes wishing to race as an elite in any USAT sanctioned event, at any distance (from sprint to ultra) and format (triathlons, duathlons, Aquathlon, off road events, winter events, etc.). These athletes are NOT eligible for prize money but may race when it is offered.

What is the difference between elite and professional triathlon athletes?

  • The terms “elite” and “professional” are used interchangeably but USA Triathlon prefers that these athletes be referred to as “elites” in order to align with World Triathlon and the USOPC. Click on the links below to read the qualification criteria for each type of team.

What does elite mean in triathlon?

Elite Males — This “age group” is not an age group at all. Instead, it is for racers who feel they are at the very top of the triathlon game. You probably do not need to worry about this unless you expect to finish in the top 2-3% of all finishers.

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How do you qualify for the elite triathlon?

2021 Elite Qualifying Races: All triathlons sanctioned by a World Triathlon recognized National Federation or World Triathlon with 200 or more participating athletes and a corresponding elite race in the same distance with $20,000 or more in elite prize money shall be Elite Qualifying Races.

What is a pro card in triathlon?

* Qualifying race is defined as any race that has a corresponding elite race with a prize purse of $20,000+ Okay, so you have your pro license.

How much does a pro triathlete make?

So how much do pro triathletes make? You can expect an average salary from prize money and bonuses to sit between $50,000 and $100,000 a year.

What is a triathlon age grouper?

The term age grouper refers to triathletes in the racing communnity who do not hold professional or elite status. In race events, age groupers will compete among racers in their age groups, which are typically divided up into five year ranges.

What age is Masters in triathlon?

A Masters Open/Advanced athlete is anyone who meets the standards of an Open/Advanced Athlete AND is 40 years of age or older as of December 31 of the current race year. Not all Set Up events offer this category. Please check the individual series/ event pages to see if your event offers this division.

How fast are pro triathletes?

Then taking into account the shorter distances (sprint triathlon and Olympic distance), and you have a wide range of average bike speeds. The average speed over the Ironman distance can reach speeds of up to 43.3 km/h (Cameron Wurf Ironman Italy). But typically the professionals will average around 41-42 km/hr.

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How do you train like a pro triathlete?

Tips for Training Like a Pro Triathlete

  1. High Intensity Year-Round. Don’t skip the VO2 intervals or work at your current functional threshold power level.
  2. Train Fast to Race Fast.
  3. Weight Training.
  4. Train the Swim.
  5. Roll With It.
  6. Pace for Effectiveness and Enjoyment.
  7. Train With a Partner.
  8. Focus on Your Race.

What is the Olympic triathlon distance?

Current events The Olympic triathlon comprises a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run. There are two competitions at the Olympic Games: men’s and women’s individual.

How do pro triathletes qualify for Kona?

To be eligible for selection through the Legacy Program, athletes must have completed a minimum of 12 full-distance IRONMAN-branded races, have never started the IRONMAN World Championship, have completed at least one full-distance IRONMAN event in each of the last two years and be registered for a full-distance

How do you become a professional triathlete in Canada?

Time: To race as a Canadian professional triathlete, you need to be able to dedicate 20-30 hours/week to training, recovery and nutrition. It is a full-time profession to be competitive against the best. On top of this, if you are fortunate to have sponsors, you must dedicate time to sponsor commitments and promotion.

Who is the richest triathlete?

Join Triathlete

  • Flora Duffy (BER) $297,703.
  • Daniela Ryf (SUI) $219,657.
  • Javier Gomez Noya (ESP) $192,600.
  • Mario Mola (ESP) $178,900.
  • Katie Zaferes (USA) $154,900.
  • Ashleigh Gentle (AUS) $152,575.
  • Patrick Lange (GER) $126,500.
  • Lionel Sanders (CAN) $115,000.

Who is the oldest triathlete?

Super-fit pensioner Arthur Gilbert prefers the swimming pool to the bingo hall – because at the age of 90 he is the world’s oldest triathlete.

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Do you get paid for Ironman?

Apart from all these, Ironman triathlon,the toughest endurance sport, wins anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000 as prize money. This one-day event has to be completed within 17 hours and the winner gets the Ironman title tag along with the prize money.

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