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What Is The Smallest Width On A Lutron Triathlon Shade? (Correct answer)

Battery- powered and wired power shades are available from 19.5″ up to 108″ wide, depending on configuration.

Are Lutron shades worth it?

Easy setup and robust features makes Serena smart shades a great addition to any smart home. I liked that I could control them not just with Lutron’s app and remote, but with a host of other smart-home systems, too. Lutron Serena shades look and work great; it’s just a shame that they’re so expensive.

Are Lutron shades expensive?

Lutron’s Serena shades are expensive, typically running between $400-$1000 per shade, plus the $150 for the Smart Bridge. However, these shades are more effective and capable than other smart shading options, even considering the price.

How wide can Lutron shades be?

Depending on the window dimensions, the shade can be mounted inside the window frame or outside the window frame. Battery- powered and wired power shades are available from 19.5″ up to 108″ wide, depending on configuration.

How long do Lutron shade batteries last?

Battery life can vary 2 to 5 years depending on shade size and fabric selection. utilizes standard alkaline batteries, which are known for having a very long shelf-life (up to 7 years).

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Is Hunter Douglas compatible with Lutron?

All Hunter Douglas blinds and shades can be controlled through a Lutron Home Automation System. The complete line of motorized window fashions from Hunter Douglas is available for control with both hardwired and wireless RS232 and RS485 communication.

How long do batteries last in motorized blinds?

A – Battery life isn’t guaranteed as it will vary depending upon how large your window covering is and how often you use it, but should last from 12-18 months in optimal usage conditions.

Are motorized window shades worth it?

Yes, they are worth the investment! They add to the security, privacy, and efficiency of your home. Also, when motorized window treatments are integrated with a smart lighting or automation system, the drapes and/or shades can move in concert with other systems like lighting, music and HVAC.

How much do Lutron sivoia shades cost?

Lutron is selling the Sivoia QS Wireless Triathlon WIDR roller shades now, with a starting price of $1,065. The Battery Boost option is also available, with a starting price of $70.

How much are Serena smart shades?

Buying Options. The Lutron Serena Smart Wood Blinds have the best smart-home integrations and most innovative features of any of the smart blinds we considered or tested. But they’re also the most expensive, starting at $599. They are custom-made to order and available in eight color options.

How do I reset my Lutron shades?

Step 1: Use the control’s Raise and Lower buttons to adjust the shade to desired level. Step 2: Hold the Favorite button on the Pico® for about 10 seconds until the shade button blinks. Restoring Shades to Factory Default Note: This step will remove any controls assigned to the shade.

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