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What To Pack Ironamn Triathlon Bags? (Best solution)

What should I pack for my Ironman special needs bag?

  • Your water bottles. These should already be on your bike, either placed there at bike check-in the day before or the morning of the race. The #1 rule of packing a special needs Ironman bag is “Hope you never need to use your special needs bag.”

What do I need for an Ironman transition bag?

Your run shoes, fresh socks, race belt, hat and sunglasses (unless you wore them on the bike) should also be in this bag. If you expect to finish after dark, the race may require you to wear reflective tape on your clothing. Before exiting the changing tent, make sure all your bike gear goes into your run bag.

Does Ironman provide transition bags?

But unlike shorter races, which usually allow you to stash your stuff on a towel under your bike rack, Ironman races don’t typically allow athletes to store their gear in transition. These Ironman bags are distributed at specific times and locations during the race, making for an orderly and safe transition area.

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How do special needs bags work Ironman?

Morning Clothes and Ironman Special Needs Bags Your special needs bags you will get access to about halfway through the bike and the run. The morning clothes bag you drop off near the start and you get that back at the finish. You don’t have to use special needs bags at all.

Do people change clothes during an Ironman?

In short-distance triathlons, the vast majority of triathletes are wearing a triathlon suit from start to finish. For longer events, such as an Ironman, triathletes who prioritize comfort over time will change clothes after each sport. Both options can lead to disqualification if done incorrectly.

What should I wear for an Ironman run?

What To Wear In An Ironman Triathlon

  • Tri suit.
  • Tri wetsuit.
  • Open water swim goggles.
  • Tri bike helmet.
  • Tri bike shoes.
  • Distance running shoes.
  • Running hat.

What should I wear for a half Ironman?

A comfortable t-shirt or singlet, shorts, a number of good pairs of running socks and a set of running shoes is the basics.

What bike should I get for an Ironman?

Road bikes are comfortable to ride as long as you get the right fit. They handle better and give a rider more confidence. They also give the rider multiple positions on the handlebars, which is important when riding 112 miles in an Ironman.

What should I bring to a triathlon transition?

Triathlon Checklist

  • Tri suit or swimsuit.
  • Wetsuit.
  • Cap.
  • Goggles.
  • Antifog solution for goggles.
  • Bodyglide (skin lubricant)
  • Pre-race sandals or other footwear.
  • Towel.

Do you wear a sports bra with a tri suit?

The answer is no. You should not wear underwear (except a sports bra) under your trisuit in a race. Additionally, your underwear could retain water and counteract the quick drying properties of your suit.

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Do triathletes change after swim?

THE TWO OPTIONS FOR TRIATHLETES I don’t feel any restriction while swimming. The pad provides me enough comfort for cycling while being thin enough not to bother me while running. I recommend this gear for every triathlete, even for their first triathlon.

Do Triathletes wear life jackets?

In addition to providing comfort and speed, a good triathlon wetsuit provides buoyancy that can serve as almost a life jacket if you encounter a problem. In addition to a wetsuit, other items can also help provide some added safety. A pull buoy can create something to hold on to if you have an emergency in the water.

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