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Where Do Triathlon Race Numbers Go? (Solution found)

Race Number and Body Marking | Kinetic Multisports

  • The body marking will have your assigned race number on both your upper right and upper left arms, as well as on both you right and left thigh.

How do you write triathlon numbers?

The smallest number is the helmet number, the middle sized number is you run number, and the long piece is your number for your bike.

Do I need a race belt for triathlon?

You can race without a belt, but it is nice to have one.

Where do Ironman stickers go?

The larger sticker goes on the top tube of the bike. You shouldn’t need to cut it in half, but fold it over and adhese it to itself. The smaller one is probably the one that goes on the front of your helmet.

What do triathletes write on skin?

why sportsafe Unlike art or industrial markers which can contain toxic ingredients, Sportsafe markers are made using FDA compliant cosmetic ingredients and are waterproof. Applications include swim meets, triathlons, mud runs & obstacle races, roller derby, and much more.

What is body marking for triathlon?

Body marking is the act of writing or adhering (with tattoos) the athlete’s respective race number to their body, in specific locations, for the purpose of athlete identification and athlete safety in the event of medical emergencies.

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What are tribal tattoos?

Tribal tattoos have been used by different cultures for hundreds of years as marks that show the affiliation of people within a particular culture or ‘society’. Some people who belonged to a tribe received a mark implanted in their skin that showed they belonged to that particular clan.

Does race bib go on front or back?

1. Wear bib somewhere on your front side (NEVER ON THE BACK). If you are being manually timed you may be viewed as a bandit at the finish, if being chip timed and your chip does not read, they do not always read, then a camera if being used to view any missed bibs will never see yours.

Can I wear my race bib on my leg?

The best position is across your abdomen, not your chest. And you don’t want it place it too low because it will move a lot if it’s too close to your legs. Once you have it in the spot where you’d like it, make sure that it’s straight across.

Do you wear your race shirt day race?

You cannot wear the official race shirt during the race.

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