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Where Should You Be Positioned On The Saddle, Triathlon? (Correct answer)

How important is the saddle fore-aft position in a triathlon bike?

  • Your saddle fore-aft position is one of the most important aspects of your triathlon bike fit. This can affect such things as power, muscle load, stability, and pelvis pressure. So getting the right saddle fore-aft triathlon position is a key point in a comfortable and powerful fit.

What is the correct saddle position?

Ideally you want about a 3 degree bend in your knee while your foot is at the bottom of your pedal stroke (6 o’clock). If your saddle is too tall you will get a rocking sensation as you pedal that you’ll want to avoid. The handle bars are the second most vital contact point on your bike after your saddle.

How high should seat be on tri bike?

This consideration impacts power. Proper saddle height should put your knee angle between 140-150° when at the bottom of your down stroke. If the saddle is too low and the angle too acute, you’ll be spinning and bouncing without producing any power.

What happens if saddle is too far forward?

If your saddle is set too far forward then you may be using your upper body too much causing tension in the shoulders and arms as well as having sore hands. You will be able to have a quicker cadence but you will tend to sit back on the saddle up climbs.

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Where should a saddle be positioned on a horse?

The proper saddle position for a western saddle tree is designed to fit right behind the shoulder blades of the horse. Some horses have a pocket of sorts formed where the back of the shoulder blade rolls down to the rib cage. Wider mutton withered horses have very little definition in this area.

Should I tilt my saddle forward?

Your saddle should be at a neutral angle, so you’re sitting on the middle portion, not sliding forwards on the nose or backwards off the rear of the saddle. The best way to achieve this is to use a spirit level.

Why do triathletes sit so far forward?

So they are more balanced on the bike, where triathletes are kind of front-loaded on the bike—they’re so far forward over the bottom bracket. They’re trying to actually run on the bike rather than pedal like a cyclist does—they get behind the pedal. That creates a different saddle situation too.”

How can I improve my TT position?

First and most obviously: ride your TT bike more often. Try doing one hard ride and one easy ride each week alone on your TT bike, as well as one or two long rides each month. Stick to flat to rolling routes, so that you can stay aero for the majority of the ride.

How far should handlebars be from saddle?

For a performance road position, the top of the handlebar should be about 5-6 cm below the mid-point of the saddle. 4. For a recreational road bike position, the top of the handlebar should be level with the mid-point of the saddle, or maybe a couple of centimetres below.

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How far back should a saddle sit?

The saddle needs to be in the right position on the horse’s back in order to judge its fit, and to allow the horse correct movement. The saddle needs to sit 2-3 fingers behind the shoulderblade and its muscles (see picture below).

How do I know if my saddle is too low?

Charlie Chaplin knees And your thighs feel the burn when you climb. Don’t worry, you’re not a wimp – this is a sure-fire sign that your saddle is too low. The solution to this problem is to raise the saddle height in small increments until your legs remain parallel to the frame through each revolution of the cranks.

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