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Which Aerobar Is Best For Olympic Triathlon Road Bike? (Question)

Best Aero Bars for Road and Triathlon Bikes of 2021

  1. Profile Design Supersonic Ergo – Best All-Around Aerobars for Triathlon.
  2. Profile Design Sonic Ergo – Best Aero Bars for Road and Gravel Bikes.
  3. Redshift Quick-Release – Best Clip-On Aero Bars.
  4. Vision Trimax Carbon Clip-On Aerobars.

Can you put triathlon handlebars on a road bike?

Road bikes typically do not come with aero bars, so specialty clip on aero bars can be added. Redshift’s quick-release aero bars, however, can be quickly installed or removed without tools. Most road bike handlebars can accommodate aero bars, but it’s important to verify that your bike’s handlebars are compatible.

Are aero bars allowed Olympic triathlon?

Aerobars are allowed in triathlons but can sometimes be limited in length. This is usually governed by the International Triathlon Union (ITU). Events such as sprint or Olympic distances have set rules on the length of the aerobars for elite triathletes.

What is the most aerodynamic triathlon bike?

The Felt IA collection delivers dialed specification and impressive adjustability for varied riding positions. It’s a 30-year culmination of iterative research and development, and it’s touted as the most aerodynamic bike in the world.

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Is a tri bike faster?

Triathlon bikes are designed to make riders faster. The seat tube is closer to vertical than a road bike’s. This steeper geometry places the rider’s hips over the crankset which engages their quadriceps more for increased power.” Tri bikes are more aerodynamic and are “faster” than road bikes.

Are aero bars on a road bike worth it?

YES, aerobars ARE worth it, but are not worth it unless PROPERLY FITTED! Just plugging them on and riding may get you some speed, but having the body geometrically out of whack will hurt you more in the long run.

How much faster will a tri bike make me?

In general you will see a 1.5 mph – 2 mph boost in speed between a TT and a road bike assuming the rider is using regular shorts, jersey and helmet along with no aero wheels. Most of that is due to the differing rider position (i.e. more aero).

How much time do tri bars save?

If you’re talking about clip-on bars on a standard road bike and, as you say, your position using them has been optimised and you’re not shipping excessive power, the usually quoted figure for time saved over a 40km TT is around two minutes.

Why dont Olympic triathletes use tri bikes?

Do they use tri bikes? Because of those draft-legal rules, tri bikes or time trial bikes—again, commonly seen in Ironman and long-course racing—are not allowed. Instead, Olympic athletes ride road bikes (very nice and typically aerodynamic road bikes) with short, draft-legal aerobars on the front of them.

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Can you draft in Olympic tri?

In the bike leg of the Olympic triathlon, competitors are allowed to draft off of one another. Although drafting is allowed, competitors are not allowed to block out other riders. No forward progress is allowed without the bicycle.

Are there brakes on aero bars?

You don’t have direct access to your brakes when being on the aero bars. There are a couple of situations where you should absolutely avoid using them: group rides.

What TT bikes are UCI legal?

2021 Canyon Speedmax (UCI-legal version) The bike appears to be a UCI-legal version of the 2021 Canyon Speedmax triathlon bike, with suitably slimmed-down tube shapes – which helps shed weight and bring the tube profiles within UCI size limits – and the integrated storage options removed.

Are TT bikes worth it?

When comparing the average and normalised power of both athletes we can definitively say we have an answer to our question – forgoing a severe lack of bike skills or huge gusting winds, yes it is worth riding a TT bike in a non-draft race and although we at JT Multisport specialise in finding every free watt possible

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