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Who Won The Ironman Triathlon In The Woodlands Texas Today?

With over 800 athletes starting the 2021 IRONMAN Texas triathlon, Andres Castillo Latorre (Bogotá, Colombia) took the men’s top honors with a finishing time of 8:52:32 while Alice Grant (Boston, Mass.) took the women’s race with a finishing time of 9:23:55.

How long is the Ironman in the woodlands 2021?

  • OCTOBER 9, 2021 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas draws athletes and spectators to The Woodlands from around the world each year. The triathlon leads athletes along a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run throughout The Woodlands and its surrounding areas.

Who won the Ironman today?

Jan Stepinski, Fabia Maramotti win Ironman Arizona triathlon titles. Jan Stepinski of California won the 140.6 SelectBlinds Ironman Triathlon. Ironman Arizona is an age-group race.

Who won Ironman Texas 70.3 2021?

Ultimately it was Canada’s Lionel Sanders (3:42:20) and the United States’ Skye Moench (4:10:01) who earned the victories. Enjoy images from photographer Paul Higgins below. Ironman started implementing rolling starts (as opposed to mass or wave starts) four years ago.

Who won Ironman 2020?

Katrina Matthews, Chris Leiferman take IRONMAN Florida wins – Elite News – Tri247.

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Who won the Iron Man Competition 2021?

Lionel Sanders ended a gruelling 2021 in style by winning IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells on Sunday, making it three wins from three starts at the venue.

Who won Ironman Florida 2021?

Gustav Iden romped to an impressive victory at IRONMAN Florida 2021 by coming out on top after a duel with Lionel Sanders at Panama City Beach on Saturday. The two-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion proved that he will also be a big deal at the full distance by taking the win in his debut race over 140.6 miles.

How long is a half Ironman?

Half Ironman Triathlon The Half Ironman is the primer for the ultimate race: the Ironman. This distance ( 70.3 miles ) will test both your mental and physical strength as you swim 1.2 miles (1.9K), bike 56 miles (90K), and run 13.1 miles (21.1K).

Is Ironman Texas happening?

2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas will return April 23, 2022 and registration is now open! Fewer than 200 slots remain so you’ll want to secure your spot before it’s too late!

Is Ironman Texas 70.3 Cancelled?

Ironman canceled the race last Thursday. “We regret to announce that the 2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Texas triathlon cannot take place on Nov. The Texas Ironman triathlon is set to return April 11, 2021.

How long should you train for a half Ironman?

If you’re starting from zero endurance training, then plan for at least 6 months to train for a half Ironman. If you’ve been consistently doing some kind of endurance training 4-5 times a week for 2 months or more, then you might be able to train for 3 months to complete your half Ironman.

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Who won the Ironman 70.3 Texas?

Unable to show her best in Daytona and Miami, Sarah Crowley (INT #3) will be looking to this longer distance to unlock her form and will have tough competition from fellow Internationals team hopeful, Jeanni Metzler (INT #10) – née Seymour – who won 70.3 Texas in 2019.

Is Ironman happening in 2021?

According to Ironman: “After consultation with City of Lapu Lapu in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting guidelines and precautions, we regret to inform you that the event cannot take place in 2021 and will now return on August 7, 2022.”

Is Kona 2021 Cancelled?

Qualification is now closed for Kona 2021 (in February 2022) – here is the full list of athletes who made it. The October 2021 version was postponed due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, and after a further reschedule from February 22 it will now take place in St George, Utah on May 7, 2022.

Who won the most Ironman?

Mark Allen will forever be linked with the Ironman World Championships, which takes place Saturday on Hawaii’s Big Island. Allen won the race six times, most memorably in 1995, when he came back at 37 after a one-year hiatus and improbably made up more than 13 minutes on the leader in the marathon leg.

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