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Why Aero Bike Triathlon?

What makes a triathlon bike so special?

  • The triathlon bike also features aero bars that place the rider in an extremely aerodynamic position that they can be comfortable in for many hours at a time. Deep carbon fiber wheels are also used to increase aerodynamics of the triathlon bike.

What are aero bikes good for?

Aero bike is generally used for bike riding competitions, riding tours and personal bike riding sport.

What is the point of aero bars?

As the name suggests, they allow you to get into a more aerodynamic position by lowering your upper body and bringing your arms in-line with your torso. Unlike other handlebar positions, aero bars provide both hand grips as well as arm rests, allowing you to significantly reduce the pressure on your wrists and hands.

Are aero bikes good for triathlon?

If you are trying to squeeze out every advantage, an aero road bike is not an equal substitute for a triathlon-specific bike. However, for those looking to have just one bike for every style of riding and racing, an aerodynamic road bike is definitely the best option.

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Why do triathletes use aero bikes?

Triathletes of the early 1980’s realized aerobars allowed them to maintain faster speeds, and began using them in races. If road racers were able to use triathlon bikes during their road racing events they would most certainly average higher speeds, but at the sacrifice of safety to the riders around them.

Are aero frames worth it?

Yes but the pros ride in large pelotons and draft virtualy the whole race. When you’re riding in a small group, with a buddy, or by yourself, the aero bike can give you a slight advantage over every type of ride except extreme climbing days. You’ll note no standard frameset is ever seen tested with a aero bars.

Why are aero bikes heavy?

Endurance and lightweight bikes will often have long seat tubes to allow for some flex and provide additional comfort. The extra material required for aerodynamic tubes adds to the weight of the bike, as a consequence aero bikes are heavier than lightweight bikes even if they share the same geometry and specifications.

Are aero bars good for long rides?

Enjoy A Different Riding Position Aero bars offer an entirely new riding position that’s most beneficial for long days in the saddle.

Why are aero bars not allowed?

They’re not considered safe when riders may be racing in close proximity – a slight wobble could cause a major takedown. They’re not great for cornering either. Hence the reason they’re illegal in most events, except triathlon and time trials, where riders are mostly spread apart and riding fairly straight courses.

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What is the benefit of tri bars?

The aerodynamic benefits of riding with your forearms on stubby clip-on tri bars appears clear – in theory a more aerodynamic position, assuming it is sustainable and ‘comfortable’, and safe to do so, will allow a rider to go faster using the same energy/effort.

Are tri bikes really faster?

Triathlon bikes are designed to make riders faster. The seat tube is closer to vertical than a road bike’s. This steeper geometry places the rider’s hips over the crankset which engages their quadriceps more for increased power.” Tri bikes are more aerodynamic and are “faster” than road bikes.

Can I use a road bike for triathlon?

A road bike will get you to the finish line of the triathlon just fine. It may not be as fast, but it’s not necessarily slow either. In fact, you can still be pretty competitive on a road bike with some solid training and coaching.

How much quicker is a TT bike?

In general you will see a 1.5 mph – 2 mph boost in speed between a TT and a road bike assuming the rider is using regular shorts, jersey and helmet along with no aero wheels. Most of that is due to the differing rider position (i.e. more aero).

Why are tri bikes heavier?

A triathlon bike is heavier than a road bike by 2- 4 lbs or 1 to 2 kg. The reason is that the aim is to make a triathlon bike more aerodynamic rather than lightweight as it is in road bikes. The triathlon bikes come with bigger aerofoils and bigger frames than the road bike.

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Are aero bars allowed in Ironman?

They share many of the same aerodynamic benefits of a triathlon bike, but have traditional drop bars. As you prepare for your IRONMAN event, install aerobars and adapt to the new position. On race day, you will be just about as aero as any other triathlon bike on course.

Are aero bars legal?

long aerobars: elite triathletes use short aero bars (no longer than the handlebar) on short-distance events ( draft legal ). In most cases, amateurs are not allowed to use them in draft-legal races. For non-drafting races, the longer aero bars are the ones being used. One-piece vs.

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